Private Labeling

Private Labeling

Phoenix Tapes USA proudly offers the option to private label all Phoenix masking tapes at a low cost. Each tape core and product label can be customized with a company name and logo.  In addition, other pertinent information that is needed to support your business can easily be added.

Each roll is professionally printed and quality checked to ensure the highest customer satisfaction before delivery.

Private Labeling helps any business:

  • Advertise at the job site
  • Reinforce customer loyalty
  • Add value

Custom Formulation

Phoenix Tapes can custom formulate almost any type of pressure sensitive adhesive tape for different applications including: papers, plastics, fabrics, rubbers, acrylics, wallboard  for applications from packaging to masking.

Custom Converting

Phoenix Tapes has diverse custom converting and packaging capabilities  including Razor slitting, score slitting, printed roll wrap, accordion packs, flat packs,  special bulk packaging and many other innovative packaging solutions tailored to your needs.